Chris Hemsworth is crazy-good at Instagram, you guys

Chris Hemsworth is still pretty new to Instagram, but he’s quickly become one of our favorite people to follow. He shares pics of his family, his projects and his adventures to Australia and back.

Well, Chris’s latest pic is one of his funniest yet. It shows him at the airport, waving with his comically oversized luggage, joking that it’s his carry-on. Seriously, we’ve never even seen a suitcase this big. What did he pack?!

Just before that, Chris spread the Hemsworth sibling love and shared a pic of his brother Liam on the cover of Men’s Health. Except, he made some… adjustments to the magazine first.

Then again, maybe Liam was asking for it by posting this cute pic of his dog chewing on a Thor action figure. (Point Liam.)

Either way, Chris’s Instagram still totally makes us LOL. Like when he lunches down under with his BFF.

Or when he gets (even more) buff with one of his little ones.

And even when he pokes fun at getting mistaken for Michael Fassbender.

Keep the pics coming, Chris!

Featured image via Instagram