Apparently, Chris Hemsworth’s perfect body stopped John Krasinski from pursuing the “Captain America” role

Once upon a time, way way back in 2010, several of Hollywood’s hottest leading actors were in talks to play the iconic Marvel superhero Captain America, and everyone from Ryan Phillippe to comedian Dane Cook (seriously!) were believed to have auditioned. Of course, we know now the role went to Chris Evans, and the rest is cinematic history. But one actor that didn’t get the part is speaking out on his audition, and he’s squarely placing the blame on Chris Hemsworth and his unending set of muscles and Adonis-like physique.

John Krasinski, who has since buffed up considerably himself for his role in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, revealed on Conan that he screen-tested for the Cap role and was feelin’ pretty confident as he started to put on the superhero suit… that is, until Chris Hemsworth walked by as Thor, and all bets were off.

Krasinski said he was shirtless and “feeling pretty good” about himself as he was putting on the suit, adding that he “wasn’t 13 Hours yet, but [I] felt pretty good,” referring to his infamous buff body for the 2016 film, when “all of a sudden, Chris Hemsworth walked by as Thor, and he’s like ‘hey mate,’ And I went, ‘I’m good, this is stupid… I’m not Captain America.’”

I mean, in all honesty, can we really blame him? Hemsworth’s muscles don’t even seem possible in human nature, so it’s totally understandable that any actor would feel intimidated in his presence.

Krasinski admitted it would have been a “dream come true” because he “loves superheroes” and “imagination,” but we’d say he’s not doing too badly himself… so all’s well that ends well in Marvel land.

Check out the clip of Krasinski discussing his audition below.