Chris Hemsworth appears to be writing his own Avengers fan fiction, and we’re surprisingly okay with this

Captain America: Civil War may be one of the best Marvel films in recent memory. It sees friendships and loyalty tested as many of our favorite Avengers are left choosing between Captain America and Iron Man in a (as the title suggests) Civil War. While critics and fans were largely left in awe after seeing the film, there’s one person who is NOT a fan: Chris Hemsworth.

The actor, who plays Thor in the beloved Marvel films, was one of the few Avengers actors not in Civil War and he is not happy about it. Hemsworth took matters into his own hands, taking a break from filming Avengers: Infinity War to create a fan fiction video imagining Thor in Civil War.

The Instagram video shows Hemsworth crashing top secret project that the Russo Brothers — who directed Civil War and are directing Infinity War — are working on. It’s a table with all The Avengers action figures — except Thor.

"Interesting there's no Thor toy in here. Is that on purpose or...," Hemsworth said to a person off-camera. Upon being told that the project is being helmed by the Russo Brothers and he should talk to them about Thor, he added, "I've heard that before. Civil, Civil War, no Thor."

Hemsworth then took his hammer and demonstrated what Civil War would have looked like with Thor, taking his revenge on all the Avengers he has a beef with, including Captain America, Iron Man, and Spiderman. Leaving behind just a few friends unscathed, Hemsworth departed with his “mate,” the Hulk, as Mark Ruffalo had also been left out of Civil War and the two will reunite in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

Honestly, this would make an amazing dramedy sequel: Thor, feeling left out of Civil War, takes his revenge on everyone. We’d watch it. We guess if we’ve learned one thing from this experience, it’s to never make Chris Hemsworth feel left out.

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