Chris Hemsworth says he’s not that ripped, he just knows how to work his angles

If you follow Luke Hemsworth on Instagram, you mayyyyy have noticed a picture he posted a couple weeks ago of some friends, his brother Chris, some beers and his brother’s massive bulging bicep.

Chris Hemsworth’s ripped arm was the center of attention in the photo captioned, “Hey @chrishemsworth do you even lift bro? @lukemun @emerysurfboards.” Because when your bicep is literally the size of Thor’s bicep, it’s hard for anyone to see anything else.

See what we mean?

Massive, right? Well, in an interview with Australia’s The Project, Hemsworth explained the reason his biceps look gigantor (giganthor?). He attributed his muscles to “Photoshop, lighting and certain angles.” Okay, that makes sense, but it can’t be all lighting and certain angles. The show’s co-host jokingly asked if there was a “new filter” to get such huge muscles. “Skin and bone under this jacket,” Hemsworth replied. Because he’s clearly humble and hilarious. We’re pretty sure there isn’t an Instagram filter that can create such perfection. Even though Hemsworth isn’t taking responsibility for his own mega muscles, we’re not sold he doesn’t just have really big biceps. Because, you guys. His biceps are big.