Chris Harrison revealed his personal pick for next season’s Bachelor, and this would be epic

Listen up, Bachelor Nation! Because our fearless leader, the all-knowing and wise Chris Harrison, has officially revealed who he most wants to be the next Bachelor on Season 23 of the show. And it’s someone you know…very well.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chris revealed he thinks Ben Higgins should take on the mantle yet again.

Yep, as in Ben, who we first met on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette in 2015. Ben, who was then the Bachelor himself two seasons ago and got engaged to (and subsequently broke up with) Lauren Bushnell. Ben, who then appeared on the most recent season of Winter Games, but left in tears because he wasn’t ready to date again.

Basically, we know Ben, we love him, and we want him to find his person. So we’d 100% be on board for this.

"There's an absolute, absolute opportunity for Ben to come back and be the Bachelor," Chris told He continued, "I would love for Ben to be the Bachelor. He is one of my very good friends. It makes it a little harder, because it's a little easier when I don't know them as well. I know that sounds weird, but going through it with a very good friend is difficult because I have less of a poker face with my friends."

The only question? Would Ben be on board?

Again, last we saw Ben (not including his recent stop by Bachelor In Paradise) he was on Winter Games, tearfully telling Chris that he thought he was ready to date after Lauren, but he was wrong. So there’s definitely a chance he won’t feel like going through the grueling Bachelor process all over again.

Chris also floated several names from the most recent season of The Bachelorette as possibilities, as well as some fellas currently in Paradise. Basically, it’s anybody’s game at this point.

Only time will tell on this one. But we know where Chris Harrison stands.

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