Chris Evans just revealed his favorite Disney Princesses and we approve

With his handsome good looks, boyish charm, and chiseled body, Chris Evans looks like a real-life Disney Prince.


So it’s not a huge surprise that, when he was asked who his favorite Disney Princess during a recent Tumblr Q&A at BuzzFeed, he had a perfect Prince-like answer ready.

And which lucky Disney lady won this hunky hero’s favor? Why it was the perpetual reader who doesn’t judge a book by its cover. I’m obviously talking about Belle.


But, of course, a complicated man like Captain America isn’t going to have just one simple answer. While he answered Belle first, he actually gave two favorite Disney Princesses. The other answer he mentioned loving is Megara from Hercules. While Megara isn’t quite as well-known as Belle, she is just as interesting and powerful in her own right. She’s highly self-sufficient and actively not interested in falling in love, choosing to focus first on herself and her own interests.

Go, girl.


Between Belle’s brains and Megara’s independence, we can get a real insight into the type of real-life woman Chris Evans would love. And we highly approve.

Not that you can go wrong with choosing any of the Princesses, of course. In fact, during the Q&A, other cast members all answered with different Disney princesses and we approve of those choices, too.

We already admired so many things about Chris Evans.  Now, having a thoughtful answer to such a seemingly simple question and choosing women who represent so much more than simple damsels in distress, gives us so many reasons to adore him even more.

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