Chris Evans is ditching Captain America to play a famously terrifying villain

Ever since 2011, the world has known Christopher Robert Evans as Captain America, the kindest, studliest, swolest superhero to ever live (in two entirely different time periods).

But pretty soon, the dude who took down an entire helicopter using only his massive biceps and protected his BFF Bucky at his own peril in Captain America: Civil War is going to get a whole lot darker — like, Jekyll & Hyde darker. Everyone’s favorite woke internet boyfriend is officially set to star as Dr. Tom Jackman in the film adaptation of Jekyll, with Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) committed to direct.

Jekyll was originally a BBC miniseries starring James Nesbitt, focusing on Jackman — a modern-day descendent of the OG famous Jekyll from the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde novella — and his descent into Jekyll and Hyde madness. Once a happily married father, Dr. Jackman abandons his family and pals up with a psychiatric nurse to help him contain his rage-filled alter ego. However, Hyde frequently takes over, and per Deadline, we’ll get to see Evans show “heightened strength and speed” in the role, and act like a “charming, flirtatious scoundrel as well.”

Though seeing Evans rage out might be a little bit strange for diehard Cap fans, what the actor might do after his contract with Marvel expires has been a major point of conversation over the past couple of years. Seeing him get a role this big is major — last year he tried out indie movie directing and it, uh, didn’t go so well — and proves once and for all that quitting acting is no longer on Evans’ to-do list.

Also, though he’s never played a villain quite as terrifying as Dr. Jackman, he has shown his bad guy skills before, most notably in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. That film also showed off Evans’ impressive comedic chops, so we’ll just be over here hoping and praying that the “charming, flirtatious scoundrel” Hyde has some epic one-liners up his sleeve as well.

Because, if there’s anything that can save America as it exists today, it’s not Cap — it’s Chris Evans, comic actor.