Chris Evans just won #TBT with his adorably awkward internship letter from 1998

Believe in your dreams kids, even if that means taking a huge hella chance and just sending out letters to prospective internships in the hope that you MIGHT land one. If it worked for Chris Evans, chances are you might work for you, too.

Perfectly timed for #TBT, Evans shared a long (and wordy) letter to Twitter dating all the way back to 1998. As he explains, that summer he was in junior in high school, and desperate to get his foot in the door ~somewhere~ in the entertainment industry. At the time, he had an “intense passion” for theater, and looking to snag an internship with a “tremendous opportunity to be exposed to the business side of theater” false

If you’re cringing reading this — and that’s okay! We all do silly things to land internships! —  know that for Evans, this did actually work. He got an internship in the big city! Glad someone took advantage of this hard working individual. false

Though he mentions the resume and head shot, he unfortunately does not include them here. So instead let’s gaze upon this picture from 2001, three years later, and taken from Not Another Teen Movie, his first BIG movie role.


Glad to see things worked out for Christopher Evans!