Chris Evans Has a New Girlfriend, PDA Footage Reveals

This year's 'Sexiest Man Alive' is breaking hearts across the internet with new details revealing he's "in love."

He may be the Sexiest Man Alive according to PEOPLE, but Chris Evans may be off the market, folks.

Evans, who’s been linked to such ladies as Minka Kelly and Jessica Biel, has been pretty quiet about his love life, but new photos, videos, and insider info may be proof enough that he is romantically attached… and that his new leading lady could be “the one.”

The Captain America star is reportedly dating Portuguese actress Alba Baptista, best known for playing the lead role of Ava in the European TV series Warrior Nun. According to PEOPLE, a source revealed that the two have been together “for over a year and it’s serious.”

“They are in love and Chris has never been happier,” the source adds. “His family and friends all adore her.”

Page Six also managed to reveal a quick moment of PDA, when the pair were seen holding hands while trying to take a covert walk through New York City’s Central Park. The footage came through only a few hours after news broke about their supposed relationship.

Not even face masks, baseball caps, and sunglasses proved to be enough of a disguise to ward off paparazzi: the pair were also captured leaving from a nearby building together.

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This new information hasn’t been confirmed or announced by either Evans or Baptista, and media sources state they have yet to respond to requests for comment.

Evans did reveal in a promo for his big Sexiest Man Alive win that settling down and starting a family is a top priority for him, and that he finds “humility” to be a sexy quality for a partner.

Is the 25-year-old actress—who happens to be active in humanitarian causes and speaks five languages—down-to-earth enough for the 41-year old superstar?

Details about their connection are sure to come out eventually, but for now, fans can draw their own conclusions based on social media interactions between the two. Evans is known to leave likes and comments on the Portuguese star’s Instagram posts, like an adorable high school couple trying not to publicly flirt.

In the meantime, fans can get to know the talented actress in her role as Natasha in the film, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, which premiered this year.

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