This is the one person Chris Evans would fanboy over IRL

It’s hard to picture Chris Evans fanboying out over anything. He’s just so calm, cool and collected all the time. It’s much easier to picture, say, Chris Pratt having no chill. But in a recent interview with Collider, Captain America revealed there’s one man who would turn him into the fanboy of all fanboys: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

As a Boston native, Chris takes sports — especially Boston/New England sports — very seriously. When asked about his love for the Pats, and he immediately perked up. The interviewer joked that Chris getting into acting might have been a giant rouse to get VIP seats at Red Sox and Patriots games, and the actor agreed it would be an awesome perk — especially if he could meet Mr. Gisele Bündchen.

“Clearly, that’s the agenda,” he joked. “It was really just a way to maybe meet Tom Brady some day.”

Hold up. Chris Evans is pretty darn famous. And, he’s a huge Patriots fan. How does he still have yet to meet Tom Brady? Don’t all famous people know each other? Somebody get these two box seats at a Red Sox game already!

“I’ve seen him. I was like, close to him,” Chris continued. “If it happens organically, it does, but I don’t wanna go and stalk the guy.”

Fair enough. Boston native celebrities like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Maria Menounos are frequently photographed cheering on the home team. In the interview, Chris admits he’s jealous that Mark Wahlberg got to work with him in Ted 2. Maybe there’s a role for Tom in the next Avengers movie?

Then again, maybe a meeting isn’t the best idea. Says Chris, “I don’t even know how I’d handle myself. I might like, pee my pants or something.” We hear you — Tom Brady is pretty great.

Maybe Tom Brady’s sons are Avengers fans, and would enjoy meeting Captain America? For all we know, they could be fanboys for Captain America. Just trying to give you your “in,” Cap.

(Image via Marvel.)