No matter how bad your day gets, at least you aren’t the person who dumped Chris Evans at prom

Chris Evans and his brother, Scott Evans, went on Late Night With Seth Meyers together, and adorableness ensued. They played a version of the Newlyweds game called “How Well Do You Know Each Other?” and it turns out the brothers Evans know a lot! A whole lot, like where Chris Evans slept after being dumped at his senior prom. Yes, you read that right: Chris Evans got dumped at his senior prom. Can you believe?!

Chris and Scott Evans answered questions about each other on all kinds of topics, including a few painful memories.

The real heartbreaking moment, though, is when Seth inadvertently revealed that Chris Evans was dumped at his senior prom. Instead of just asking where he slept after prom was over, he phrased the question as “Scott, where did Chris wake up the morning after being broken up with at his senior prom?”

To be fair, Scott challenges the fact that it happened at all, which is kind of catty and very younger brother-ish. “I don’t believe that happened,” Scott scoffed, “Where is she now?” Chris was blushing for the duration of this conversation, which is too precious for words. As it turns out, Captain America woke up on the lawn of the house across the street from his parents’ house. (Been there!)

Host Seth Meyers started off the game with some softball questions, like favorite book to read and name of the first person each brother kissed.

As the game went on, the actors’ devious natures were revealed, and the claws came out! Youngest sibling Scott used to stuff Monopoly money down his pants so people wouldn’t know how much he had, and Chris once hit Scott with a book that opened up existing stitches on his forehead, and YIKES.

Brothers will be brothers, we guess?

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