Chris Evans reuniting with his dog is the cutest thing you’ll see today

Internet, have we got a sentence for you: Chris Evans posted a video in which he gets smothered by puppy love. We repeat, CHRIS EVANS POSTED A VIDEO IN WHICH HE GETS SMOTHERED BY PUPPY LOVE. If you need a moment to collect yourself after reading that, we totally understand — and we are super here for you.

Evans posted a tweet earlier this summer that alarmed the internet, to say the least. After he wrote that he was missing his beloved pup, Dodger, people assumed the worst. Really, though, Evans was just out of town shooting a film, and couldn’t bring Dodger with him.

In order to give you more time to mentally prepare for Chris Evans being smothered by his happy pup, here’s the original tweet.

It’s pretty doggone cute, too.

Even cuter, Evans started a countdown to when he’d see Dodger again.


Luckily, this story has the happiest ending!

After 10 long weeks, Evans was finally reunited with Dodger. And if we had any doubts that Evans is definitely as lovely and lovable as his onscreen counterpart Captain America (we didn’t), this video would definitely erase them.

Let’s be real, anybody who is THIS LOVED by a dog must be a gem. Because, hello, dogs are amazing judges of character.

And now, behold the cuteness!

Let’s say it together now: AWWWWWWWW.

So like, can we get this dog a cameo in Avengers: Infinity War? Because now that we’ve seen the extreme cuteness that is Evans and Dodger, we want to see Captain America and Dodger.

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