Chris Evans gave his dog a matching Knives Out sweater, and the pics are the best post-Christmas gift

Sure, Knives Out was a great film. It was beautifully shot, well-acted, and had a gripping plot. But did you see Chris Evans’ sweater? That thing stole the whole freaking show, and we have the tweets to prove it. The sweater is currently making a comeback in the Twittersphere because Evans bought his dog a matching fisherman sweater to the one he wore in Knives Out. The internet can’t quite handle it—in a good way. In fact, the response is entirely pawsitive.

Sorry. We’ll see ourselves out.

If you missed *the* meme of November, it revolved around Evans dressed as his Knives Out character, Ransom Drysdale, clad in his now-iconic chunky, tattered fisherman’s sweater. He looked cozy, comfortable, and like he could fit seamlessly into any J.Crew catalog.

Sweater-clad Evans, who hails from Massachusetts, radiated New England energy. Seated at a seafood restaurant booth with a lobster-themed paper placemat in front of him and a whale-tail labeled beer bottle in his hand, his image was a lot for people to take in. Therefore, Twitter felt it necessary to dissect the Knives Out sweater scene to fully appreciate the moment.

On December 25th, the discourse shifted to analyze just how freaking adorable Evans’ rescue dog Dodger is in a sweater that resembles the one his dad wore.

Chris, it’s honestly too much for our hearts to take. Cease and desist. (But please don’t, actually.)

Like father, like son. We’re crying.

We don’t want to choose. We refuse to pick a favorite.

Agreed. 100%.

Dodger wasn’t the only good boy to get a Chris Evans fisherman sweater for Christmas this year.


We thought Christmas was over, but it turned out that we had yet to receive the best gift of the year. Thank you, Chris Evans. We can now enter into 2020 feeling happy and satisfied.

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