Chris Brown: Is This Justice, Finally?

We need to talk about the word “justice” this morning/afternoon/whenever you are reading this.

In case you have not been following along, Chris Brown (you’ve heard of him, right?) was allegedly involved in a hit and run situation this past May in which he pleaded not guilty. The hit and run was a direct violation of Brown’s previous punishment, therefore his probation was revoked by the Los Angeles District Attorney. Brown apparently refused to give proper documentation–driver’s license, registration, insurance information–to the other person involved in the incident. Which is illegal.

The hit and run, for the record, was basically a fender bender, though it is still illegal to not have or share documentation in the case of any car accident especially if you have already been in trouble with the law countless times, which we all know that shoe certainly fits on Brown’s foot.

So the point is, Brown turned himself in to a jail in Van Nuys, California, where he was not booked for long, but was booked regardless. His next trial is scheduled for August 15th.

It seems that these kinds of things happen often. OJ Simpson has been in jail for a few years now on a kidnapping and robbery charge, which had something to do with a scuffle over memorabilia with two men in Las Vegas. Besides that, Simpson still faces up to four years for multiple weapon related sentences, as well as two separate accounts of assault. Now even though basically the entire country believes that Simpson was guilty the first extremely infamous time he got into trouble–the murder of his wife Nicole Brown–Simpson still got off. Seeing him in jail today, regardless of the reason as to why he is there, is somewhat satisfying, is it not?

Now I have an unpopular opinion here, and I am sure many people will disagree, but I do not feel like this is justice. I do not feel a sense of rightness in the world because Simpson is in jail for SOMETHING. I would feel a lot more comfortable knowing that the justice system worked in the way it should–knowing that Simpson was convicted of a crime he basically definitely committed.

And I feel the same way for Brown. Yes, his crimes are all ridiculous and maybe he should just, I don’t know, STOP BREAKING THE LAW and being a terrible person, but also, I wish he would have been convicted initially. I care a little less about Brown bumping into someone else’s car and not offering up his driver’s license than I do about the part he played in battering a woman.

Call me crazy, but I feel unsettled about this. What do you guys think?

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