This chow chow puppy has become an internet sensation, and prepare to have a cuteness-induced heart attack

Someone check our pulse because we’re feeling a wee bit faint from cuteness overload. The source of our temporary ailment is this über adorable Chow Chow puppy named Puffie we spotted at Bored Panda, and he’s officially our new favorite animal to follow on Instagram.

Seriously, there aren’t enough likes or heart-eyed emojis to express how smitten we are with this precious pooch. Whether he reminds you of a snowball with legs, a walking blowout, or a plump, pillow-y mound, one thing’s for sure — he’s definitely one of those animals that you want to squeeze and cuddle with all day, every day.

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Puffie was born in China on February 13th, but now lives in Malaysia with his loving human, who received him as a birthday gift early last month.  Naturally, he’s only been on social media for several months, but his numbers are already competing with those of the big dogs. In only a short amount of time, Puffie has racked up 62.1 thousand Instagram followers, and over 8,000 people have liked his Facebook page.

Like, we are hardcore crushing on this pup. One scroll through Puffie’s profile will have you mesmerized because he’s just so cute, it almost hurts to look at him.

This is the most extreme display of SWC (sleeping while cute) that we’ve ever seen.

Clearly the camera loves Puffie, even when he’d rather nap than pose.


GAH! How is an animal this squee-worthy even real?!?

Puffie doesn’t walk — he waddles.

Ugh, our hearts! We’re so looking forward to watching Puffie grow into a handsome charmer of a dog.