Why I would’ve chosen McDreamy over McSteamy on “Grey’s Anatomy”

Grey’s Anatomy might be about saving lives, finding love and somehow surviving the craziness as a surgeon, but two of the best parts of the show were Dr. Derek Shepherd (aka McDreamy) and Dr. Mark Sloan (aka McSteamy). The debate over who was more datable raged on for years, but after years of watching the medical drama, I’ve finally decided that McDreamy was better, and here’s why:


His hair looks sexy pushed back

Yes, I did steal that line from Mean Girls, but it’s so true. Derek had ah-mazing locks that looked good with gel, short hair, long hair, dirty hair, basically any hairstyle you could think of.

All hail the mentor

Derek was a way better mentor than Mark, who seemed to have better things to do than teach others… like sleep with everyone.

Those baby blues

One look into his piercing blue eyes and I just melt.


He’s a freaking neurosurgeon

It is very impressive to be a plastic surgeon like Mark, but a neurosurgeon is a little more badass. It just is.

He’s a hopeless romantic

Derek never gave up on his relationship with Meredith. He also worked really hard to make his first marriage work, which is pretty admirable. His love for Meredith, however, reigned supreme. Plus, there was the whole post-it note wedding vows thing that we still can’t get over. #RelationshipGoals


He was a hot wilderness man

When he wasn’t at the hospital, McDreamy was in a trailer on a giant plot of land getting in touch with his manly, bearded self. It was super hot.

His bedside manner was on point

Yes, Mark was sassy and usually made jokes while talking to his patients, but Derek knew exactly what to say to put people at ease. I’d trust him with my life, wouldn’t you?


He was a nerdy dad

Alright, Derek was rarely nerdy, but when it came to being a dad he actually bought his daughter a pink fishing pole, so they could fish together. PS: Mark was also a good dad, but the fishing pole thing earns Derek bonus point.


Optimism was his strong suit

Throughout the good and the bad at Seattle Grace, McDreamy was always positive. After all he was the one who said, “It’s a beautiful day to save lives.” With Derek in charge, it was a pretty beautiful day to save lives, even if everything went wrong.

He was SO good looking

Okay, I already pointed out his hair and his eyes, but the rest of his body was also very, very dreamy. That smile, his abs, ah, just everything.


Yes, sadly for all of us, BOTH McDreamy and McSteamy are gone, but it’s Derek Shepherd who will forever have my heart.

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