The chopsticks life hack you never knew you needed until now

Well, this changes everything.

We’d like you to imagine a pair of wooden chopsticks right now (or grab them if you have a set nearby). You see the big bit on the end? The one that you normally break off and throw away before diving into a delicious dish (or just snapping the chopsticks in half)? Well, it just so happens that we shouldn’t be throwing that piece away…

Twitter user @bortofdarkness bestowed the gift of knowledge upon us when they tweeted this image:

That’s right. That bit on the end isn’t meant to become fodder for our trash bins. It’s meant to be a stand for our chopsticks! A built-in stand for our chopsticks. Naturally, everyone’s now freaking out and spreading the word (the original tweet has been retweeted over 2,000 times):

If you receive a pair of chopsticks that doesn’t have this nifty attachment, you can also use the chopsticks’ wrapper as a stand instead. All you need to do is put your origami skills to the test:

…Or you could buy a chopstick rest. Here are some cute options:

An origami crane chopstick rest for $12.50 from Etsy:


Or this set of wooden chopstick rests for $5 from Etsy:


Happy eating, everyone!

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