These $12 Cushioned Shoes Are the Best Thing I’ve Bought for My Feet

The platform footbeds are made from yoga mat material.

As the kind of person who wears socks to bed and Doc Martens boots throughout every season, sandals can really cramp my style. However, I’m also aware that some days are too hot for socks and covered shoes. Luckily, I recently found a pair that have made wearing sandals actually enjoyable for me. They’re Chooka’s Flatform Sandals and they’re the perfect sandals trifecta: comfy, cute, and affordable.

These extra-cushioned shoes have passed my rigorous testing. By that, I mean I walked across Brooklyn—and by the end of the day I wasn’t in a rush to take them off. I even helped a friend carry an armchair 12 blocks and had no regrets about wearing the shoes. After each trip in the sandals, my feet were naturally a bit tired from walking long amounts but never sore or blistered from the shoes themselves—which I can honestly say is a first in my sandal-wearing history.

Every part of the Flatform Sandals are designed with comfort in mind. The footbed is made with yoga mat material, the straps across the top are cushioned, and the elastic at the back is thick and stretchy enough that it won’t dig into your ankle. Plus, all the materials are water-friendly, which means getting caught in the rain or excess sweating won’t lead to their smelly demise.

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Shop it! Chooka Flatform Sandal in Green, $11.99,

Unlike many sandals that make you compromise fashion for comfort, or vice versa, the Flatform Sandals are the perfect marriage of both. The simple, all-black tops make them versatile for any trendy summer outfit while the subtly color-blocked footbed and ridged bottoms make them fit just as well with an athleisure look. Plus, the chunky flatform gives me that ’90s appeal that I love so much.

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