Chontel Duncan just shared an empowering post-baby bump selfie to Instagram

Fitness inspiration Chontel Duncan has never ceased to wow us. Her strength and body positivity — it’s all pretty amazing. But her latest Instagram post is winning us over in a different way.

Just last week, Chontel gave birth to a baby boy named Jeremiah Thomas. He was 7 lb., 3 oz., and a whole lotta cute! She shared with social media how lucky she felt that her son was healthy, and that she was recovering quickly from the birth process. Yesterday she posted a pic of her new bod, giving us a glimpse of what her post-baby bump looks like.

She truthfully said, “My body is tender, it feels like someone did 12 rounds in the boxing ring using my core as the target. So much swelling is yet to go down & so much healing is yet to happen.”

Being a fitness model and role model for so many people, she spoke honestly about what pregnancy and motherhood means for her current fitness level: “I wonder because I can’t get back into training for a longer period of time how my body will change through purely just recovery/rest and nutrition… I’m excited because it gives me more time with Miah lol I’m an obsessive new mummy!!!”

She still looks incredible in our eyes. More importantly, though she looks super happy stepping into the role of doting mother. 

Her fans are showering her with love and congratulations on every Instagram post. It seems like they’re just as smitten with Miah as Chontel is. It’s rad that the new mom is sharing this photo with us and showing us how powerful the human body is and what it’s capable of. We are just in awe.

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