Fitness star Chontel Duncan dealt with post-baby body insecurities when trying on bikinis

It’s nice to know that even the most fit women on this planet deal with post-baby body insecurities. One such woman is Chontel Duncan – a model, trainer, and Instagram-famous fitness personality – who recently opened up about her experience trying on bikinis for the first time since she gave birth, four months ago, to her beautiful son Jeremiah.

Duncan admitted that her body isn’t the same as it used to be, and that she is no longer able to wear the clothes she once reached for before she was pregnant.

“The styles I’d normally snatch up didn’t fit the way they usually would. The boobs weren’t as perky and my toosh not so round and full,” wrote Chontel.

Though the fitness star is adjusting to these bodily changes, she wants to make sure her fans know that she wasn’t upset when she saw herself in the changing room.

“I’m not saying at all that I felt disappointed, uncomfortable, gross or self-conscious. I just felt different, I walk[ed] out NOT buying the bikinis.”

While she was trying on the swimwear, Chontel received an important wake-up call. At the time, the trainer managed to get a Snapchat photo in, and when she looked at the comments, she saw that a good friend of hers expressed “love” for the pic. Chontel thought her friend was referring to the actual bathing suit, so she told her what the brand was. However, Duncan’s friend responded and clarified by saying she loved Chontel’s body. Chontel considered this reply eye-opening.

“I was still being negative on myself & not giving myself or should I say ‘my body’ the credit it deserves for all the hard work it’s done.”

Yep, we would classify what she’s done as hard work. Chontel grew a baby inside her belly for 9 months, gave birth to her son, and has been breastfeeding him every single day since. Fortunately, Chontel realized she needs to be easier on herself as she works to celebrate all she’s accomplished thus far.

“Sometimes even fitness folks get caught up in silly expectation bullshit & let the pressure get to them…”

But Chontel won’t let herself fall into that category. She now looks at her bikini photo with joy and respect for herself.

“I’m proud of my body & all it’s done.”

We’re proud of you, too, Chontel, and we love the message you’re sending to women everywhere.

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