Chontel Duncan, body-positive fitness model, gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

For months now, we’ve been watching (and cheering for!) Australian fitness model Chontel Duncan as she documents her pregnancy on social media. In the face of both praise and criticism, she’s become a body positive role model for pregnant women everywhere. In fact, you probably saw her take down the notion that all pregnancies are the same when she posted this viral photo of her and another pregnant woman.

So obviously we’re cheering extra hard at the amazing news that Chontel has given birth to a healthy and happy baby boy.

Chontel and her husband, Sam, are the proud parents to baby Jeremiah Thomas, who was born on Friday and has been nicknamed “Miah” (because awwwww). Mom made the announcement over the weekend via social media, and included the stats in her caption. “Jeremiah Thomas Duncan, Born: ‘good Friday’ 8:24pm, 25th March 2016, Weighing: 7’13 pounds (3.5kg), 53cm long, 39weeks /2days.”

Mom and baby appear to be doing amazingly well. Take a look at this video Chontel posted to Insta from her hospital bed. Warning: it will MELT YOUR HEART.

Congrats to this gorgeous family! Baby Miah might look like he’s following in his DJ dad’s footsteps, and we’ve got a feeling he’ll be strong and healthy, just like mom.

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