You know you want a 33-lb. “Game of Thrones” chocolate dragon egg

Remember when our hearts shattered after watching the new Game of Thrones trailer, in which NO ONE IS SAFE? Well, there’s one thing that can make all that hurt go away: chocolate. Specifically, a crazy-big dragon egg made of the stuff.

Winter may be coming in Westeros but Easter is coming IRL, and you may be planning on eating too much chocolate. . . but oh, my sweet summer child, you don’t know the MEANING of the phrase “too much chocolate.” Just in time for the holiday, London-based Melt Chocolates created a gorgeous and super-realistic-looking chocolate dragon egg — which is 33 lbs. and stands at 22 inches tall.

The chocolate company teamed up with HBO and Selfridges department store to create the masterpiece just in time for the release of the fifth season of GoT on DVD. On Saturday, March 12th, Selfridges will unveil the egg in a two-hour assembly process, and London fans can pop over and check it out.

The egg, of course, is based on the dragon eggs Daenerys Targaryen hatched back in season one:


Creating this incredible chocolate dragon egg required 25 hours to create. Although its edible, we’re pretty sure even the most intense chocolate-lovers wouldn’t be able to eat this baby in one sitting (without getting a bad tummy ache, at least). A much better idea might be a trio of three smaller dragon eggs available on Melt’s site for £19.99 (approximately $28.72).

BRB, buying a ticket to London, stat.

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