OMG this chocolate crepe cake needs to be the next thing you bake

When we say let them eat cake, we’re not trying to give anyone a history lesson. What we are referring to is this recipe for chocolate crepe cake, which needs to be the next thing you bake and serve to anyone with functioning taste buds. And hey — if you’re down with the Amy Schumer cake-eating method and want to devour the entire dessert by your lonesome using only your hands, go for it.

Thanks to Buzzfeed, we now have instructions on how to make what looks like one of the most perfect cakes ever, not to mention a more creative way to eat chocolate because emptying entire bags of candy in your mouth sounds way less fun than eating slice after slice of this delectable chocolate-y, crepe-y tower of yum.

So, let’s see if we got this straight: Cook a bunch of crepes, stack them as high as they’ll go while putting whipped cream between each layer. Drizzle ganache, chocolate and butter on the crepes and top with powdered sugar and… OMG, our mouths are definitely watering right now.

This cake seems to be a little labor intensive, but if your baking skills need work, then you have a little more than a month to perfect it before National Chocolate Cake Day arrives. Seriously, you don’t want to get caught with a hot mess of a crappy, half-baked chocolate cake on that day because your Instagram followers will not be happy.

Now, go forth and bake to your heart’s content! But if we don’t see a pic of your cake on Instagram with the hashtag #lookathowIslayedthischocolatecrepecakerecipe, we’ll be forced to assume the worst.