It’s National Chocolate Covered Anything Day … The possibilities for celebration are endless!

Today in weird food holidays: it’s National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. That’s right, break out the fondue pot because today is the day to celebrate and consume all things chocolate covered. There are a surprising amount of chocolate covered dessert recipes online from flowers to salty snacks to insects. So, do this deliciously niche December 16 holiday proud and try one of these chocolate dipped goodies. The choices are essentially endless and there are options for every type of foodie. No regrets.

For the people who stick to the classics 

We know that chocolate covered fruits — strawberries, cherries, grapes — are amazing. But, for a twist, try dried fruit or a fancy variation like coated and candied orange peel. V. regal.

But don’t neglect your vegetables

Forget everything you know about dipping carrots in hummus and peanut butter and melt some dark chocolate. It will be the absolute best.

For the person who puts salt on everything

Pretzels are a chocolate covered staple. And, you may have heard about chocolate covered potato chips — if not, you should correct this now. But, did you know that chocolate dipped Cheez-Its are a thing? A delicious, delicious thing.

You may also want to try: Chocolate Dunked Goldfish. Just because.

For the sugar junkie

It may be dangerous to know that chocolate covered gummy bears can be purchased by the pound on Amazon. But spoiler alert: they can. Yes, please!

You may also want to try: Chocolate Dipped Jelly Beans

For those who like chocolate covered marshmallows

Then you’ll love chocolate covered peeps! Also forget everything you’ve ever heard about Peeps just being for Easter, they’re for all days and they’re forever.

For the cookie monster

Enjoy the layers of chocolate dipped Oreos (chocolate, chocolate cookie, amazing filling, chocolate cookie, chocolate), which many Pinterest-ers delightfully put on a stick and decorate for impossibly perfect parties.

Sigh. Have you ever seen something so beautiful?

You may also want to try: Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers.

For someone who’s a little nutty

Try some chocolate covered peanut butter crackers. Also, don’t overthink it, chocolate pecans, walnuts and almonds (to name a few kinds of nuts) are amazing.

For those who like it hot 

If you keep Sriracha on your keychain and order menu items with multiple little chili peppers next to them, then chocolate covered peppers may be the dessert for you.

You may also want to try: Chocolate Encrusted Wasabi Peas

For the carnivore

Bacon. No more to say.

You may also want to try: Chocolate Smothered Beef Jerky

For the flower child 

A rose by any other name, or that is coated in chocolate, is just as sweet.

You may also want to try: Chocolate Dipped Mint Leaves

Have a glorious National Chocolate Covered Anything Day!

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