Chocolate-covered strawberry Oreos are here and we can’t stop drooling

If anyone’s been extremely good to us this year, it’s the wonderful folks over at Oreo, who introduced a chocolate-covered strawberry flavor. A lucky editor at Delish made this most to-die-for cookie combo discovery at a Target in Kansas, and are you thinking what we’re thinking? WHHHYYY are we just now hearing about this?!

Ah, well. We suppose we can’t be too salty over being late to this Oreo party because other yummy flavors like Blueberry Pie, Fruity Crisp and that mouthwatering Oreo chocolate chip cookie have more than satisfied our cookie cravings, so we’ll file our complaints under Save it For Another Day and keep it moving.

Besides, it’s easy to overlook hurt feelings when you have a package of strawberry-chocolate Oreos staring back at you.


Thanks to Delish‘s in-depth analysis of this cookie (which we so appreciate), we not only know what it looks like, but we also know how it smells.

Apparently, the icing is mostly chocolate with a dab of strawberry at the center. Upon opening the package, you’re hit in the face with an overwhelming burst of strawberry fragrance and ZOMG we NEED these cookies in our lives ASAPtually.

SIGHS. What have our lives come to when we get so excited over a new cookie flavor? Who knows? Who cares? We just hope that Oreo can keep up the pace with their new flavor frenzy when 2017 rolls around. While we try and track down these chocolate strawberry-covered cookies, we’ll keep busy compiling a list of would-be flavors, just in case they run low on ideas in 2017.

Keep the flavors coming, Oreo!