Chocolate Chip Cookie hair is the newest hair trend, and it’s subtle and sweet

You know we adore hair trends that would be most popular among mythical creatures (lookin’ at you, unicorns and mermaids), but a new method of blending natural blonde and brunette hues has us falling in love. It helps that the style is named after the very best, most classic dessert of all time: chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate chip cookie hair combines the sparkle of bleach, the smell of toner, and the spirit of a baked good. Invented by Ryan Pearl of Cutler Salon in New York City, the choco chip look involves painting highlights and lowlights to create multiple dimensions. Since this beautiful recipe of blonde shades works best on a darker base, chocolate chip hair only gets more gorgeous as it grows out.

Ryan explained to Mane Addicts that he often uses food names to explain his artwork to clients. “For instance, these tones I may call ‘chocolate chip cookie’ because it’s a much ​​more interesting, fun, and relatable way to name a color than simply referring to it as ‘warm or cold.’” Yas! Chocolate chip cookie, strawberry shortcake, blueberry crumble … Oh, sorry I was just thinking of what I want for dinner tonight.

Here’s how Ryan achieves chocolate chip cookie hair: He dyes thin pieces of hair light, alternating the heights and intensity of each section. He focuses the most luminous strands around the face for a beachy vibe.

The result is golden like deliciously sweet, salty cookie dough with perfect gooey brunette chocolate chips melted throughout.

Good enough to eat, amirite?

For more mouth-watering photos of chocolate chip cookie hair, check out Mane Addicts’ exposé on the trend.

(Images via Shutterstock and PBS/Giphy.)

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