These chocolate “Benedict Cumberbunnies” are real and they’re amazing

Last year, we could eat a life-sized chocolate version of our favorite actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. Now, we can eat him in bunny form. The same chocolatier, Chocolatician, has come out with another chocolate Benedict just in time for easter: the Cumberbunny.

The website describes the treat as, “A delicious Belgian chocolate rabbit with a handsome face and a tasty bottom.” With the body of a bunny and the head of Benedict, we’re not sure if we’re hungry or wary.

However, it does sound pretty tasty. It’s made up of 400 grams of chocolate covered in “lustre dust.” Available in milk, dark, or white chocolate, at 50 pounds (or a little over $70) this Easter gift would put the Easter Bunny to shame. Plus, a limited 22 chocolate bunnies are available with a 22 carat gold bow-tie, if your chocolate needs that little extra oomph.

Safe to say, we’re obsessed. If it means eating Benedict Cumberbatch’s face, so be it.