Someone invented a chocolate bar that could soothe period cramps!

Did somebody say something about a chocolate bar that can also soothe period cramps? We’re listening.

Swiss chocolate company Chocolate With Love claims their new chocolate bar will also help women with period-related pain. The company’s founder, Marc Widmer, says the chocolate contains 60 percent cocoa and 17 Swiss mountain herbs that help with menstrual pain.

The herbs, when combined with serotonin from the cocoa, soothe the body and help with cramps, according to Widmer.

“We want to make the menstruation days of women more comfortable,” Widmer told 20 Minuten. “Men can also eat the chocolate. I myself have already tried [it].”

The chocolate, called “Frauenmond,” or “Women’s Moon” in English (which is a little on-the-nose if you ask us, but we’re still interested), costs 12.50 Swiss francs (around $12.80) per 100 grams. That makes it pricier than a pain-reliever, but considering we can ease cramps AND satisfy our sweet tooth at once, we still think it’s worth a try.