Chloë Sevigny releases a really cool zine celebrating her exes

Before Bloodline and American Horror Story, before her Opening Ceremony fashion line, and her movie roles, Chloë Sevigny cut her chops as an intern for the world’s most iconic ’90s teen magazine. We’re talking about Sassy, of course. Now Sevigny’s returned to her editorial roots (and the era of zines), with No Time For Love.

Available to order online (if you’ve got 11 euros handy), the zine features candids of her with all of the men in her life—many are her exes, but her dad makes an appearance too.  It may sound like a real life version of Mean Girls’ “Burn Book,” but it actually is celebrating all of her past loves, as well as the non-romantic men in her life.

According to an interview with Chloë conducted by Dazed Digital, this release directly follows her latest book with Rizzoli, self-titled, which chronicles her fashion and style over the past two decades. But instead of clothes, this time, she’s focusing on love. “It’s a collection of photos of me with the boys/men I’ve loved through my life,” she told Dazed Digital. “From my father to my first true love to my biggest crush, etc. There’s also a small sampling of gossip about me that’s appeared on Page Six in the New York Post.”

According to Chloë, her first book was so exciting that it inspired her to create No Time For Love. “The process was so fun and challenging that when I was approached to do [No Time For Love] I thought why not,” she explained to Dazed Digital.

The photos are from all over the place, said Chloë. “Different friends have taken most of these photos over the years,” she said. “No permissions had to be granted which was the most exhausting part of doing the Rizzoli book.” This explains the stickers, which we personally think add a cute touch.‎ Some of the images were timed in photo booths, according to Chloë, while others are Polaroids, taken by herself, the boy in the photo, or her friends.

We totally love this concept, and the rawness and realness of these photographs hits us right in the feels. Not only does this project celebrate past love and good memories instead of concentrating on heartbreak, but it gives a face to a woman who seems untouchable, who has been lauded in print “the coolest woman in the world”—even back when she was still just a teen. In reality, she has experienced beautiful and heartbreaking memories just like us, taking dorky selfies with her love, only to look back at them years after the relationship ended from a different place entirely.

This honestly makes us want to create our OWN No Time For Love. . . though it takes a lot of bravery to put everything out on the table like that. Thanks, Chloë, and we can’t wait to read the whole thing!

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