Chloë Sevigny says vintage shopping helps her relax, and we love this form of self-care

There are many, many reasons to buy vintage. Not only is it good for the earth, but it’s also a surefire way to find a hero piece that no one else will have. The antithesis to fast fashion shops like Zara and Topshop is slow fashion, and secondhand shopping is the cornerstone of this consumption model. Another reason you may want to hit up your local Buffalo Exchange or vintage shop? You may just run into Chloë Sevigny.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the icon, Chloë is an actress, model, designer and pretty much anything and everything the title “cool girl” applies to.

Yes, the term is overrated, but if there’s anyone who’s an original It Girl, it’s Chloë. And let’s just say she knows her vintage.

The actress — whose repertoire includes Kids, Gummo, and American Horror Story — is also a staple in the fashion world. From being a muse for Miuccia Prada and Miu Miu, to collaborating (many times) with Opening Ceremony, Chloë has become a style icon.

Since she’s known for her laid-back, vintage-heavy aesthetic, it was only a matter of time before she presented her own collection of vintage for others to buy. Her latest venture? Teaming up with Vestiaire Collective to celebrate the launch of the e-tailers vintage selection.

In an interview with AnOther, Chloë opens up about her vintage obsession, saying,

"I love going to the movies, I love dancing with my friends, I love sitting in the park and watching kids go by and being inspired by their outfits. But going to a thrift store and zoning out, taking in the fabrics and stuff, it’s kind of relaxing for me...Unless there’s annoying customers in the store. Then I’ll leave and come back later."

We GET YOU, Chloë.

In case you were wondering how serious the icon’s obsession with vintage is, well, it’s pretty serious. Chloë has been going steady with vintage since she was a a child. And her massive vintage collection is a testament to that. How massive is it?

Let’s just say Chloë has a storage unit in Connecticut for all the vintage that’s not in her “regular circulation.” Pieces from high school, as well as pieces she’s worn to events and has been photographed in, are in there. She’ll go drop of pieces or grab some “new” favorites from the unit every few months.

If that’s not #goals, we’re not sure what is. Thank you for your endless inspiration, Chloë!