Chloë Moretz is really owning the whole “straight out the shower” wet hair look

After seasons of matte everything, gloss is in. And instead of simply existing as a way to get your eyelids or lips extra sleek, the glossy hair trend is the “fresh out of the shower” equivalent of its makeup counterparts. Who better to exemplify this trend than Chloë Grace Moretz, whose slicked-back hair is giving us major hair goals. The actress took to the trend in a rather chill way, wearing her short hair brushed back with some circle frames, a denim jacket and black denim shorts. This isn’t the sort of hair trend that’s supposed to be high maintenance, in fact, we’d argue it’s the opposite! Simply get out of the shower, slick your hair back, finish with pomade or gel for texture and hold, and you’re set.

We love the western flair this look has, it’s the perfect mix of cool and nonchalant, which could just sum up Chloë’s style in general. The best part about this hair trend is that it’s virtually impossible to mess up. Haven’t showered in five days? Perfect, even better! This takes the idea of bedhead to another level. But thanks to the uniform style, it still has just the right pinch of polish.

We know what hairstyle we’ll be wearing on our next lazy Monday.