Chloé Grace Moretz has dropped out of all her movies — here’s why

Nineteen year old actress and model Chloé Moretz is super, super busy. As Noelle Devoe at Seventeen reports, Moretz has a whopping 57 titles under her belt, and has been acting in movies and TV since she was seven. Allegedly, acting is taking a big step back in Moretz’s life for the time-being.

That’s right: Moretz told The Hollywood Reporter that she “pulled the plug” on all of her movies so she can take some time to focus on herself and do some soul-searching.

As she puts it, “I pulled the plug on all my movies because I want to reassess who I am and find myself within my roles again. I’m realizing that I can slow down.” And we can’t blame her at all!

Of course, fans of Moretz are already wondering what this means for her upcoming roles, such as her leading role in the new adaptation of The Little Mermaid. No official word has been released on how her decision will impact specific roles yet, but the good news is that we can see Moretz in films out this coming year because, you know, movies are made way before they’re actually released.

Specifically, November Criminals and the psychological drama Brain on Fire are both due out in the coming year, meaning that we have something to look forward to on the big screen.

For the curious, The Hollywood Reporter discovered that Moretz won’t be spending her time lounging around the house. Instead, she’s using her break from acting to produce not one, but two TV shows. What else? She’s reportedly also campaigning for Hillary Clinton. That’s right: Not only is Moretz a talented actress, but she’s also active in politics. No wonder fans love her, are we right?