The internet found Chloë Moretz’s doppelganger, and Chloë’s reaction is priceless

If you’ve ever wondered if you have a doppelganger out in the world somewhere, all you need to do to find them is become a celebrity, and the internet will locate them for you. Chloë’ Grace Moretz’s doppleganger was spotted in the Philippines by a fan, and Twitter immediately brought the incredibly likeness to Chloë’s attention. Obviously social media is lousy with super sleuths who tracked down the girl who shares Chloë’s face.

Her name is Edcel Ched, a University student in the Philippines who works at Jollibee where she was spotted. Somehow she and Chloë were obviously separated at birth and sent to different countries, because CHECK THIS OUT.


Our minds are totally blown. Even Chloë herself thought the resemblance was uncanny! And how many times have you told somebody “gosh you look like so-and-so” only to have them disagree, because we’ve done it a LOT. So Chloë agreeing that they’re twinsies is a BIG deal.

And obviously Edcel was thrilled at Chloe’s reaction. This is one secret sister reunion that definitely ended happily.


Seriously, though, if any of you happen to be the doctor who obviously was bribed to hide the fact that Chloe and Edcel’s parents had twins before passing the second baby off to another family… we won’t tell anybody if you confirm this theory to us.

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