Who is Chloe Kim dating? The 17-year-old calls her relationship status “harsh, but it’s true”

If you want to know who we’re currently idolizing at the moment, we’re more than happy to share: It’s Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim. At just 17 years old, Kim could be on her way to making history as the youngest American female snowboarder to win a medal. After scoring the highest in both Ladies’ Halfpipe qualification runs earlier today, February 12th, we think she could easily bring home the gold (although we’re knocking on wood not to jinx her).

Kim is a girl on a mission and won’t let needless worry get in the way of her success. She recently broke up with her boyfriend of a year and a half right before the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. Kim told Sports Illustrated that it was more of a business decision than anything else.

"That sounds kind of harsh, but it's true," Kim said. "I was hearing a lot of rumors about him, and our relationship in general. And I'm just at a time where I didn't really want to worry about that. So I just broke it off."

The 17-year-old Olympian said that she and her ex, who is also a competitive snowboarder, are still good friends. “At least I’d like to think so,” Kim clarified.

Her dating life just goes to prove that Kim is actually a regular teen who happens to be really good at snowboarding. In the same Sports Illustrated interview, Kim admits that she’s a fan of Cole Sprouse’s hotness. She drives a little, but “dope-ass,” Prius. And the Olympian eats fro-yo but despises orange Starbursts.

Chloe Kim also happens to be called the Shaun White of women’s snowboarding. So?

Just because she’s younger than us, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a page from Kim’s book. If a man is standing in the way of being our best selves, we have to let him go. Sorry, but it’s best for business.

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