Chloe Kim tweeted about a breakfast sandwich moments before winning the gold

All eyes have been on Chloe Kim during the 2018 Winter Olympics. After not being able to participate back in 2014 because of her age, the 17-year-old became the youngest woman to win an Olympic snowboarding gold. And even better, she did it in the most relatable way possible — by tweeting about food shortly before showcasing her talent.

Kim is a snowboarder who specializes in the halfpipe. Born and raised in California (with a brief stay in Switzerland) she got her start largely due to her dad. They began snowboarding together when she was just four years old, and it soon became clear she was a natural.

And what was Kim doing moments before the award-winning run? Stretching? Meditating, perhaps? Nope. She was tweeting about being hangry.

As expected, fans were obsessed. false

Our favorite thing about Kim is that she’s confident in herself. And per ESPN, Kim scored a 98.75 on her final run, which is close to a perfect score. Even though her first run was excellent, she made sure to give it all she had the second time, with a pair of 1080 spins.

In case you’re curious about the other food that Kim dreamed about during her time at the Olympics, have no fear — she tweeted about that, as well.

It’s safe to say that Chloe Kim is our hero. Not only is she incredibly talented and disciplined, but we 100% want to be her bestie right now.

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