Chloe and Halle Bailey Swear by Their Daily Sunscreen Routine for Flawless Skin

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As Neutrogena’s newly named brand ambassadors, R&B sister duo Chloe and Halle Bailey—aka Chloe x Halle—are doing everything possible with their platform to encourage women, especially the youth to make sunscreen part of their everyday skincare routine. “It’s so relaxing and soothing when you get to take care of yourself,” Chloe said in a recent beauty interview with Allure magazine. “I’m loving myself, loving the skin I’m in.”

Even though Chloe loves her melanin-rich skin tone, she says skipping SPF is not an option as she doesn’t want “the Black to crack.”

I’m grateful for the protection that [melanin] gives me, she explained, adding, I’m trying to have youthful skin all the time—don’t want wrinkles too soon. We don’t want the Black to crack.

Self-declared “sun bunny” Halle credits her big sister for being her skincare and sunscreen muse. “Chloe has actually been the one who has gotten me to wear sunscreen on a daily basis because everyone that knows me knows I’m such a sun bunny,” she said. 

However, Chloe’s relationship with sunscreen hasn’t always been peachy. The 22-year-old singer explained her first negative encounter with the sun protectant was at age 9 while vacationing with her family. As she went to massage the applied sunscreen, she noticed her face had areas of discoloration. Looking back, Chloe realizes sun care is no joke.

“That’s when I noticed how quickly the sun can affect your skin, no matter what shade we are,” she continued. “I [had] to get serious.”

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