Chloë Grace Moretz got gifted a giant box of snack food, proving yet again that being famous has serious #PERKS

We all know being a celebrity has its perks. Like, imagine being in the same room as Beyoncé and it not being because you paid $200 for a nosebleed ticket to her concert. Or getting to rent out a whole store when you shop (because lines suck!). Game changing.

And if you’re Chloë Grace Moretz, it means you get gifted your favorite snack food just because you Tweeted about how much you love it. #JEALOUS!

Specifically, Moretz recently Tweeted about how much she loves Takis, the spicy tortilla chip snack, summing it up with the following (super relatable) message:

And well, ask and you shall receive. Moretz then Tweeted the following a few days later:

AMAZING!!!! Also, can you imagine the power? Just Tweet about loving something, and it appears. Nutella, Ben&Jerry’s, Totinos Pizza Rolls…the possibilities are endless (and dangerous).

But mostly, we secretly just love how totally down-to-earth and normal Moretz seems. She Tweets about things like feminism and snack foods, and then seems genuinely and utterly thrilled when she gets what a lot of other celebs would take for granted.

Basically, WE LOVE YOU, GIRL! And also, how might you feel about sharing some of those Takis? It’s okay, you don’t have to answer now.

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