Chloë Grace Moretz wants to change the way we think about sexuality

Whenever Chloë Grace Moretz starts talking, it’s time to listen. The 18-year-old actress has a track record for being as thoughtful as she is talented, something she solidified in her most recent interview on HuffPost Live.

As they were chatting, Huffpost Live brought up Moretz’s recent interview with Nylon, during which she opened up about the struggles her younger brothers went through when they came out as gay. Moretz then gave her thoughts on the whole idea of labels in general, and reiterated her previous sentiments — talking more about what the issue means to her personally.

“We put so many labels on so many things in our society, and my big issue is not just the fact that people are against LGBT — it’s the fact that we have to come out and say who we’re interested in,” she said. “There should never even be a question. It doesn’t matter. It’s not an issue. Why are we even living in a society where we have to answer those questions? That’s a question that shouldn’t be asked.”

Of course, Moretz doesn’t mean we should keep quiet about our sexuality, but rather that it shouldn’t be such a daunting subject. While sexuality can be an important part of someone’s identity, it’s far from the only thing that defines a person. Saying that you’re gay or straight or anything in between should be as simple as telling someone your favorite color or where you were born.

As a society, we’re definitely getting closer to that place, but there’s still a ways to go. Luckily, Chloë Grace Moretz won’t stop fighting until we get there.

“[My family and I] stick up for one another, so I immediately started filling that role from a really young age because I was on a platform where people would listen to me, so I could defend them on an even larger scale,” she said.

We hope that one day her hard work will pay off.

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