Chloë Grace Moretz and Sarah Ramos’ ‘Mean Girls’ Reenactment Is So Fetch

Okay, their impressions are almost too perfect.

If you’ve been spending your time in quarantine rewatching your favorite movies and TV shows, Parenthood alum Sarah Ramos might just have you beat. She’s been reenacting scenes from some of the most iconic pop culture moments and posting them to her Instagram feed, and her latest reenactment is, well, so fetch. To make it even better, Chloë Grace Moretz is involved, too.

As part of Ramos’ Quarantscenes series on Instagram, she and Moretz joined forces to reenact one of the most famous—and painfully relatable if you’ve ever been the victim of a four-way call attack—Mean Girls scenes. You remember: It’s the part when Plastics’ Queen Bee, Regina George, gets caught saying some less-than-flattering things about her best friends…by her best friends.

Ramos played both Cady and Gretchen, Moretz played Regina and Karen, and their version is so hilariously accurate, we can hardly believe it.

Even down to the pastel-colored velour sweatsuits, mid-2000s hair vibes, and cordless phones—it’s a little eerie how spot-on they managed to nail the scene in its entirety.

Moretz first teased that a Mean Girls recreation was on the way, sharing a “very exciting surprise” on her Instagram on Tuesday, September 22nd. She shared a glimpse of the pair in their Plastics looks, so naturally we knew something pretty grool was on the way.

They each shared the final clip on Wednesday, September 23rd on their respective Instagram pages. Of course, Ramos and Moretz sported plenty of pink in their reenactment because the limit truly does not exist when it comes to all the ways in which Mean Girls has permeated pop culture.

Check out Ramos’ Instagram page for more of her incredible reenactments. She’s done so many, it’s hard to keep track, but among our faves are her Bring It On rendition, her role as Allison Janney’s horny school counselor in 10 Things I Hate About You, and the iconic Meryl Streep scream from Big Little Lies’ second season. And since Mean Girls Day is right around the corner, we especially appreciate any opportunity we get to celebrate one of our favorite teen comedies of all time. Bravo, ladies! 

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