Chloë Grace Moretz posted an adorable video of Brooklyn Beckham giving her a kiss on the cheek

Are they back on? This video makes it seem that way. This weekend, Chloë Grace Moretz posted a video of Brooklyn Beckham giving her a pretty long kiss on the cheek. That might seem somewhat innocent, but if you think about their backstory, it could be a very big clue.

Moretz and Beckham first sparked interest when they were linked together back in 2016. However, the relationship didn’t last too long — they broke up, and Beckham had a few interviews where he mentioned he was single. But even if they’re nothing but friends these days, it seems like they parted on excellent terms.

But, let’s get real here. While they haven’t openly admitted it, we’re under the impression that it’s more than friendship. The most important thing is that they seem to be incredibly happy.

Rumors sparked that the two had reunited back in August, when they were both spotted out together in New York City.

Just a few days ago, Beckham posted a sweet photo of their matching checkered Vans on Instagram, which is simply sweet.

The video of the kiss looks like it happened in Dublin. Both Beckham and Moretz were in town to check out a rugby match, and Beckham posted this photo celebrating the occasion on Instagram.

While it looks like Moretz took the photo in question, Beckham’s account has a ton of gorgeously shot photos, many which include both of them. It could be because he’s a photographer who just recently released his very first book called What I See.

So, it’s good to follow Beckham’s account for the beautiful photos, but it’s an added bonus to get even more clues about his mysterious love life.

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