This is Chloë Grace Moretz’s favorite pizza in New York

“The best” ANYTHING in New York City is a contentious topic, from night clubs to a cup of coffee. But best New York pizza has got to be one of the most prestigious titles out there. We’re always looking for the next best slice, and when a major celeb informs us what their fave pizza joint is, we gotta run over there to see if it lives up to the hype. And that’s exactly why we’re pumped to try out Chloë Grace Moretz’s fave: Emmett’s, which Chloë says is the “best pizza in New York.”

“Go get the best pizza in New York,” Chloë told her Instagram followers, tagging Emmett’s in the pic of three cheesy pizzas. “[A]lso get the Chicago dog. Can’t come to NYC without it.”

According to New York Mag, Chloë’s totally right — although Emmett’s pizza is “quite unlike our local variety” and a “nifty addition to the pizzascape”:

OK, that description made us drool. But what do Yelpers think? The pizzeria on MacDougal Street in SoHo got an average of four stars with 255 reviews, so we’re certainly willing to give it a shot. And their Insta is making us totally crave some ~unconventional~ pizza.

Yep, we’ll be going there ASAP. Thanks, Chloë!