Chloe Grace Moretz just spoke beautifully about how she got through her parents’ divorce

Chances are that you or someone very close to you is a child of divorce. It can be a traumatic life event for people, especially if it happens when they’re young and most sensitive to big changes in life.

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz can relate. Her parents got divorced when she was young kid and, like most kids, she was affected deeply by it. But, according to the 18-year-old actress, she came out stronger on the other side thanks to the support of her four older brothers.

“My brothers really protected me,” Moretz told People. “They had a great bubble around me growing up. They really held my hand through it all. Without them I wouldn’t really know who I would be right now.”

Moretz felt “betrayed by her bloodline” when her father left her mother all those years ago, but says she’s worked hard to avoid losing her faith in people.

“That’s a huge deal to be able to have someone you can trust. It’s hard because you become set in your ways that you’re not the trusting one, because you’ve been messed over by the closest person in your life,” she said. “But the fact is, there are people out there that are trustworthy that do deserve your trust and aren’t going to mess you over. It takes a long time to realize that and to find those people, but they are out there.”

The actress credits her brothers with building her character in the years after their parents’ divorce, helping her keep her confidence as she made her way into the world of professional acting.

“They gave me the confidence and the power that I have now as a young woman,” said Moretz. “A large amount of the vocal ability I have, came from them telling me that, ‘You have a voice, you have the right to say and feel the way you feel.’”

(Image via Warner Bros. Pictures)