Chloë Grace Moretz has perfected the best gothic biker chick look

No matter what you’re wearing, throwing on a leather jacket suddenly takes your fashion game to the next level. Seriously. Try it. Pair a leather jacket with just about ANYTHING else you own — IDK, your like footie pajamas, or a plastic bag from Target, or sweater you got for Christmas that you still haven’t worn — and you suddenly look incredibly chic (and also kinda badass, you know?).

One pretty badass lady we know, Chloë Grace Moretz, recently headed to the Coach 1941 fashion show at New York Fashion Week wearing a ridiculously awesome leather coat, and you don’t even understand how awesome it is. Can you see that FRINGE? It’s ah-mazing.


The creative director of Coach, Stuart Vevers, agrees.

Yup. Chloë took leather + leather fringe + leather skirt to a whole new level, and looks absolutely great with this gothic biker chick outfit. She could easily jump on the back of a motorcycle like it’s no big deal or speed away…or sit front row at the latest Coach show.


Her embroidered purse is also too cute.

This look is so effortlessly easy, and completely with a messy bun, no matter how many hours we put into TRYING to look this cool, we’ll just never achieve it. So let’s save the leather + leather combination for the pros, like Chloë here. Or maybe she could lend us her fashion secrets?