Chloë Grace Moretz just got *so real* about hateful internet trolls

Celebrity life may seem glamorous, but it’s certainly far from perfect. Celebs have to deal with so much criticism, hate, and body-shaming every single day, and Chloë Grace Moretz is certainly no exception. That’s exactly why Chloë took to Twitter to speak some important truths about the internet trolls who seem to make it their life’s mission to take down other people.

“When will people hiding behind computer screens get tired of calling someone ‘fat’ or ‘masculine,’” she tweeted Tuesday morning. “[D]oes it make you feel good typing your hateful comments? Does it fulfill you in some dark way?” false false

Chloë challenged trolls to “imagine the real human being” they are bullying as a person “with feelings and thoughts and a life that you are affecting so negatively.” false false

Chloë is drawing from her own personal experiences as someone who achieved fame at a very young age, she explained. “I’ve spent my whole life in front of cameras growing up with miscellaneous people judging and critiquing every little thing about myself,” she wrote. “. . .[I]t’s time we all stop hiding behind keyboards pretending we know even the smallest thing about the people we judge.” false false

We could not agree more with Chloë’s sentiment about cyberbullying. Sadly, there will always be jerks out there who take it upon themselves to judge other people behind their safe screens. We applaud Chloë for standing up against them and refusing to be anyone but her fabulous, amazing self.

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