Chloe Grace Moretz quietly took the best National Donut Day picture

National Donut Day is one of our favorite days, for all the obvious reasons. And Chloe Grace Moretz is one of our favorite actresses who frequently posts amazing pictures on her Instagram account, such as the swoon-worthy pic of her and Brooklyn Beckham, and this yummy pizza from New York. Of course, Chloe took to Instagram to honor National Donut Day, and recruited another well-known friend to pose in the photo with her.

That’s right, it’s Hillary Clinton! It’s pretty much the best picture, with a very important message about voting in California’s Presidential Primary election this Tuesday, June 7th. While we still wish Tyrion Lannister was running for office (we’re pretty sure he is in an alternate universe),we’re certainly excited to see the outcome of this vote.

While election tension is incredibly high for the three remaining major candidates, it’s understandable that energy on the campaign trail can run a little low. It was pretty sweet of Chloe to make sure Hillary is keeping her blood sugar up (and remembering to indulge once in a while; self-care is important, even for Presidential candidates in the home stretch of primaries.)

Of course, the outcome of the election isn’t something that donuts (even the most delicious) can determine. In the meantime, we love that Chloe and Hillary have come friends and bonded over their love of sugary, perfectly-round donuts (though we gotta ask, what’s a candidate have to do to get a chocolate glazed?) While their donut dates are likely few and far between thanks to busy schedules, we look forward to more happy snaps with other equally desirable treats as soon as they can find time in their calendars to hang out with a sugary snack soon.

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