Chloë Grace Moretz just debuted a super sleek, shorter haircut

Chloë Grace Moretz has always been one of our favorite ladies. She’s an amazing actress, an outspoken feminist, and a certifiable junk food enthusiast (and that’s something we can ALWAYS get behind). And now, Moretz has debuted a distinctly shorter haircut that we’re pretty much obsessed with.

Chloë has been wearing her hair just below the shoulder recently, often with a hint of beachy waves. It’s been a departure from the long hair she rocked for several years, and now, she took it to the next level.

In a playful Snapchat posted to Twitter, Chloë showed us her shorter, lighter ‘do, while also giving a shoutout to hairstylist Gregory Russell (who also works on the likes of Miley Cyrus, Lily Collins, and Nicole Richie).


While the dog ears slightly obscure the view, we can distinctly make out a brand new, lighter lob. Perfect for welcoming the warmer months! The lob is sleek and slightly layered, and Chloë looks born to wear it.

Here’s Chloë rocking slightly longer, much wavier hair just last week.


And here she was back in September with even longer hair:


Hmmm…might a pixie cut be in Chloë’s future? She definitely seems to be playing with shorter and shorter cuts, and she also totally seems like the type who might go for (and rock) a significantly bolder style. So girl, if you’re reading this, we’d be ON BOARD! (Not that you should listen to anybody but yourself when it comes to your body…we’re just sayin’, we wouldn’t be mad about it).

And regardless, we’ll be behind the Kickass actress no matter how she styles the hair on her head — because we’re all about what’s in her head. As in, an eloquent, compassionate, and outspoken young woman who uses her public platform for good.

And that’s beautiful.

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