It looks like Chloe Grace Moretz has finally confirmed her relationship with Brooklyn Beckham

For months now, we’ve been wondering what exactly is going on between Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham. We know. We know…it’s technically none of our beeswax, but the two of them just look so cute together that we can’t help but secretly (or not so secretly) wish they’re an item.

About a week ago, Brooklyn pretty much confirmed their relationship status with a series of dreamy, black and white romantic pics posted to his Insta. I mean, look at this. Total S.O. vibes, right?

Chloe stayed mum on the subject, even though we’re guessing that she knew that we knew. You know? But yesterday, she finally confirmed. At least we think she did. She reposted the following pic from Brooklyn’s Insta. Granted, she didn’t include a caption. But come on, it looks like something from a classic romance movie. So many feels.

And in case there’s any room for doubt at all (there’s not), Brooklyn followed up Chloe’s post with another Insta of his own, which he captioned, “Late night with the bae.”


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