Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham worked out together because they’re seriously the cutest

As if Chloë and Brooklyn’s relationship could get any cuter, we just found out thanks to an absolutely adorable Insta post that they do kick-butt workouts together and our hearts simultaneously melted and exploded.

Take a moment to truly appreciate this picture. There stand two beautiful love birds, sweaty yet smiling. They playfully take a moment out of their (obviously boxing-oriented) workout to strike matching poses because, despite the fact that they’re obviously exerting a lot of energy, just being around each other seems to revs them up enough that they can still share the moment with the rest of us.

Oh, and Brooklyn is wearing hot pink gloves because of course he is.

Ever since they first went public as a couple, it’s been a delight watching these two have so much fun together. And they’re clearly growing closer by the day since you really have to have a certain level of comfort to walk to get all sweaty with someone. But they seem to be doing it all perfectly since they still look totally glowing and happy despite the fact that they were getting their fitness on.

Please keep sharing all these fun moments with us, you two. We need more #relationshipgoal pics for our vision boards.