Brooklyn Beckham declared his love for Chloë Grace Moretz yet again — through matching shoes

Another day, another slightly mysterious Instagram photo seemingly confirming that our favorite young Hollywood couple is, in fact, back together. Brooklyn Beckham and Chloë Grace Moretz wore matching shoes on Instagram, and it’s pretty hard to deny that these two are most likely back on.

Beckham posted the photo to his Instagram account, and this comes after a series of pretty telling social media clues about their status as a couple. Earlier this week, there was the throwback pic Moretz posted of herself with Beckham on her account, but before that, there was the heart emoji Moretz commented on in one of his photos. They haven’t confirmed that they’re in lurve just yet, but the signs are certainly all there.

This time, Beckham took to Instagram, showing off the sweetest shot of his and Moretz’s matching checkered Vans, captioning the pic: “Luckiest person on earth” with one red heart emoji. Beckham also tagged his lady love in the post, proving that in case there was any doubt, it is in fact her shoe in the photo.

He then reportedly commented on his own post: “To the moon and back x.” And we’re officially swooning.

Though these two are understandably playing coy about confirming their romance, the signs are pretty much all there. But we totally get it — they’re two of the most famous people around under the age of 21, so it makes sense they’d want to keep their personal lives as private as possible. But there’s no denying the power of a well-placed emoji and a pair of matching shoes.

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