Chloë Grace Moretz answers all of our Google searches

Chloë Grace Moretz is all over our movie posters and Internet browsers, but people still have a lot to learn, as evidenced by their Google searches about the 18-year-old actress which Jimmy Kimmel pulled up when she stopped by the show. Together, they answered fans most pressing searches about her work, her love life, and even her mom.

They played the game we’ve all played at some point: putting something in the Google search bar and letting autocomplete do the rest. They started with “is Chloë Grace Moretz” before trying “does Chloë Grace Moretz” and then finally “who is Chloë Grace Moretz”. Who better to answer the questions Google poses than Chloë Grace Moretz herself?

Turns out, we ask a lot of the same things over and over again (for instance, we really want to know if she plays the cello) so it’s good that when it comes to her musical prowess and her relationship status, we no longer have to wonder. The questions about her mom, however? Even Chloë Grace Moretz has no idea.

Watch the clip below!

(Image via YouTube)

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